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Practiced Rapid Prompting Method™ for Special Needs Education

Help your child obtain academic success with progressive special needs education that implements the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) at A.C.E. Teaching & Consulting in Green Bay, Wisconsin. RPM is a technical method that works with children with disabilities to improve their communication and academic performance.

One-on-One RPM Sessions

Experience an intimate approach to education that is specially designed to benefit your child. We offer a curriculum that matches that of a standard educational institution, including science, social studies, and math. Programs vary depending on the age and knowledge base of the individual student. You may choose between a 30-minute session and a 45-minute session to suit your needs.

Our method is available to any student. We accept children who are aggressive and do not limit our services with age requirements. Parents are taught the RPM method to further their child's progress at home. If you are a local resident, you have the option of attending sessions with us every day or one to two times per week.


We take into consideration the needs of students who are not locally based. Students who are within two to three hours away may attend weekend sessions on Friday and Saturday morning once per month. Anyone who lives a significant distance away, such as those in another country, are able to attend our camps. Camp is offered once or twice every year and consists of two sessions , each lasting four days.

Our goal is to meet the needs of every student who wants to enlist our services. We create relationships with our students to help them develop open-ended communication, and create a bond of trust for their comfort. Our services are a partnership that builds on their ability to learn.

Distance Learning

Accomplish the goals you have set for your child without having to leave home. We offer virtual consultation with clients through Skype™ to help parents become successful teachers of the Rapid Prompting Method™. Our instructors are able to observe and offer constructive feedback while you put our method in practice. Sessions are available for 30 minutes or one hour.

Traveling Sessions

Let us come to you for your educational session. Our traveling workshops are offered to clients who need our help in any location worldwide. Workshops are intimate sessions that show students their capabilities and guide parents toward appropriate applications of our method for their child. We provide this service in your home to minimize the inconvenience for you.

Workshops are offered Saturday through Monday. You may also elect to participate in weekday workshops that accommodate a larger number of families for longer durations. Weekday sessions average six to 12 students and last from three days to two weeks.

Contact us in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to ask for more information about our effective Rapid Prompting Method for special needs education.

Green Bay Site Services

Local Students

Local student come to Green Bay site for weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments.

45 Minute Session                                           $100.00 

Each 45- minute session includes 30 minutes of instruction with Erika, 10 minutes for parent questions and/ or RPM practice with Erika advising and 5 minutes is standard professional allowance for transition to the next appointment.

30 Minute Session                                           $65.00

Each 30- minute session provides 25 minutes of instruction with Erika and 5 minutes for transition.   

2-a-Day Student                                              $165.00

2-a-day clients travel to Green Bay on either Thursday or Friday for One 45 minute session & one 30 minute session with short break in between.  2-a-day clients can sign up for as many session as we have availability. All sessions include 5 minutes for transition. 

Camps                                                         $660.00

(Tuesday– Friday)
Campers travel to Green Bay for session which are four consecutive days, running Tuesday through Friday.  Each camp consists of 8 RPM sessions over 4 consecutive days.  Each day includes one 45 minutes session followed by one 30 minute session.  All camps include DVD of sessions.

Traveling Services

Workshops                     (Prices listed on Workshop page)

A service where Erika and A.C.E. Staff travel to you for RPM Sessions.
                Weekday Workshops          Weekend Workshops
*Please download the travel workshop information page under the resource tab for more information 

School Consulting                             

For more information about school consulting please contact A.C.E. Staff.

Consulting Services

Phone Consulting                                        $55.00 per 30min.

Parents/professionals will submit a 10 minute video working with their child/student using RPM.  Erika will spend 10 minutes of the appointment watching the video and taking notes. The remaining 15 mins of the appointment will be conducted via phone where Erika will discuss both the positives of the footage, where improvements can be made and answer any questions. 

Skype Consulting                                      $55.00 per 30 min.

When signing up for a Skype appointment parents/professionals will sign up for a specific time slot.  At their assigned time all parties will log onto Skype.  During the video conference Erika will watch the parent/professional work 1:1 with their student for 10 minutes.  Leaving the remaining 15 minutes to discuss both the positives of the session, areas of improvement and answer any questions