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Are you interested in learning more about what we have to offer you? We are more than happy to provide additional information about our academic services. For pricing details, timelines, or any other questions you have, contact us through the form below.

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How to schedule an appointment

1 – New Client Intake

The first step to booking an appointment at A.C.E. is filling out a brief New Client Intake Form.  The New Client Intake Form consists of general contact information and information on the perspective student which includes; previous and current therapy, communicative skills, repetitive and self – stimulatory behaviors, and your child’s strengths and abilities.  RPM can be done with students of any age, but due to the clinic setting A.C.E. accepts students starting at age 4. If you have a child younger than age 4, and wish to start using RPM, please feel free to contact A.C.E. staff for tips on how to get started at home. 

The New Client Intake Form can be downloaded under the resource tab or you can contact A.C.E. staff.

2 - Phone Call

After A.C.E. has received your New Client Intake, a staff member will call you to go over service options (descriptions listed below) and help you decide what your best option is for RPM sessions.  Please note there are a variety of options for RPM sessions, some of which can be paired together to better assist your needs.  For example, you can book regular Friday sessions along with a camp to help you get started.

A.C.E. Student categories: Please note you may fit into multiple of these categories. 
Local clients are students living in the Green Bay and surrounding area.  Local students attend 1:1 rpm session(s) at our Green Bay office.  Sessions are scheduled in 30 minute or 45 minute time blocks in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals. 2-a-day Sessions (Friday or Saturday) are students who live outside the Greater Green Bay area in Wisconsin or neighboring states. Specific days and times are reserved for our Friday Clients (who will travel to Green Bay), in which the student has two 1:1 sessions. Sessions are scheduled in student blocks which include one 45 minute session and one 30 minute session. Appointment availability varies depending on the number of 2-a-day clients that are enrolled in a given semester. Campers are usually students who visit A.C.E. from outside Wisconsin. Camps run Tuesday – Friday; campers attend two 1:1 sessions (one 45 minute and one 30 minute) daily. Workshops are a service where A.C.E. Staff travels to you. Please download our workshop travel information sheet under the resources tab for more information. School Consulting is a service where A.C.E. travels to schools to consult with teachers who are trying to implement RPM. Please note this is not training in RPM. A.C.E. scheduling is based on 3 trimesters throughout the year. The spring trimester runs January - April, the summer trimester runs May – August and the fall trimester runs September – December. Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

 3 - Registration Form

After you have decided which service options will work best for you and your family, please go to our resource page and download the corresponding registration form.  There are separate registration forms for local sessions, -2-a-day (Friday or Saturday) sessions and camps.  Each registration form lists possible dates for sessions and student time slots. When filling out the form, A.C.E. requires you indicate a first and second choice for dates and student time slots. If booking a school consultation or workshop, A.C.E. Staff will provide you with an event contract. 2-a-day sessions (Friday or Saturday), camps, and workshops require a non-refundable, non-transferable half deposit in order to secure your session date(s) and time(s).  Your dates are not secure until the half deposit has been received and processed. 

 4 - Confirmation Email

After receiving your completed registration form(s), A.C.E. will send you a confirmation email.  This email will include a list of your session dates and times, how to submit your half deposit, as well as A.C.E. policies and procedures. 

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